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signing the register

signing the register

signing the register

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I will need to see photographic identification to prove your identity.

I will provide the Notice of Intended Marriage for compilation at our first meeting. This needs to be lodged with me at least one month and one day prior to your wedding and can be lodged up to 18 months in advance.

I will need to see your original Birth Certificates. (Photocopies and Certified Copies are not acceptable).These are required to verify names, dates of birth and parents names. I prefer these at the first meeting although you can provide them later if they need to be obtained from registry offices.

If you cannot provide an original birth certificate and you were born overseas, you may provide a passport issued in an overseas country. A passport issued in Australia or a cancelled passport is not acceptable.

Where appropriate I will also need to sight original versions of:

  • Decree Absolute / Divorce Certificate, if divorced
  • Death Certificate of your Spouse, if widowed
  • Change of Name Certificate or re-issued Birth Certificate.

As close as practicable to the ceremony, I will provide a Form 14 Declaration for you to sign. This is a declaration stating that you are not married, that there is no legal impediment to your marriage with your Partner and both of you are of marriageable age.

I will provide you with your Bridal Certificate on the day of your marriage. The official Certificate of Marriage is available from the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages two weeks after the marriage.

Every marriage requires two persons to witness the marriage certificates being signed and to countersign the certificates at the ceremony. These witnesses can be friends, attendants or family. Both must be 18 years of age or over.

I will also provide, for you to complete, the application form to obtain the official version of the Certificate of Marriage from Births, Deaths and Marriages. I can then submit this form with my returns. Births, Deaths and Marriages charge a separate fee for this service and a photo copy of the applicant’s Drivers Licence must accompany the application.